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  • Paid To Click, Paid To Promote
  • Traffic exchange with 5:4 Ratio
  • Many bonuses For Joining!
  • 100% Referral Earnings
  • $0.50 Payout To Upgraded Members
  • $1.00 Payout To Standard members
  • Every cent requested will be 1 vote and one change to win $10 on raisepet.org
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For Advertisers

  • $0.39 for 1000 PTC Credits
  • $0.1 for every sign-up offer
  • $0.01 for every lottery ticket
  • $0.5 for memberships
  • Daily Unique Visitors
  • Anti-Cheat System

Raise Pet PTC is a registered site, and a meeting place between two types of users.
1) People who buy advertising spots with real money in the paypal processor
2) Persons who view the first users' ads. This category receives, depending on the type of ad viewed, 1-10 cents.
We never pay these users in cash.
When a user requests a payment (through our processor called Raisepay) and registers an email address in Account ID:, this must be the same as the email address on the raisepet.org site. In 24 hours we will convert the money you requested into PTC in votes for your pet.
The conversion rate is 1 cent PTC = 1 vote for your pet.
On the 15th of each month, users with the most votes on RaisePet.org will win the awards in that session.

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